Tip to Improve Streaming

Some Tips to Improve Your Home Internet Streaming

Buffering problems by cord-cutters are blaming the streaming provider when the real issue is their Internet and Wi-Fi network.

These complaints are common with live TV services. Subscribers often say, “Netflix works but my live TV service does not.” The truth is live TV needs more speed for a variety of reasons including live TV is not seeding servers inside your ISP’s home network. So, you may have the speed you need for your home Wi-Fi but not the speed for live TV.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your Wi-Fi network to ensure you have the best possible streaming experience.

#1 Use an Ethernet Cord

This is not a Wi-Fi tip, but if you can hardwire a Ethernet cable to connect to your streaming and gaming device. You will often find that the Ethernet will always give a far better streaming experience.

#2 The Best Location for Your Wi-Fi Router

A weak Wi-Fi signal will give far lower speeds than a strong Wi-Fi signal, so you want to do your best to have the strongest possible signal. For most that likely means putting your router in the center of your house; however, you may want to take some time and explore different locations for the strongest possible signal.

#3 Keep Your Wi-Fi Router Away from Other Electronics

It is best to avoid putting your Wi-Fi router right next to metal and other electronics. Avoid placing your router next to a refrigerator or behind a TV, because they will block some of the signals the router sends out reducing performance in some parts of your house. But due place it as close as you can to your media center.

#4 Use the 5Ghz Network

Most new Wi-Fi Routers offer a 2.4Ghz and a 5Ghz (5G) network. For streaming, it is best to use the 5G option. You will find far better speeds on the 5Ghz network.

Switching to the 5Ghz network will likely reduce the amount of buffering you will find on your favorite streaming service.

#5 Upgrade Your Router

If you have a router that is an N router or even an older G router, I highly recommend you upgrade to the new AC standard. You will find far better streaming and reception with the new AC standard. It’s best to just upgrade to a new one every few years, because technologies are always being upgraded. One last thing please do a speed test on your internet speed & do it first www.speedtest.net

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