Quarantine & Movie Offers

While you are in Quarantine and movie watching mode, here are some offer tips from some of the popular streaming services available.

Most of these services do offer a free trial in one form or another, please make sure that you do your due diligence first before signing up.

Acorn TV                                       British Shows   30 Day free trial

Amazon Prime Videos:           Free Content for Kids

CBS All Access:                           30-Day free trial

Fox:                                                  Free Local Fox & Fox News

fubo TV:                                         $10 off your first Month

Locast:                                            Free upon request

MLB  TV:                                         Free unlimited season resumes

NBA League Pass:                       Free until April 22

NFL Game Pass:                          Free until May 31

NHL:                                                 Free until Season resumes

Oznoz:                                              Kids 60-Day free trial

Sling Free:                                       Free movies & shows

Sling TV:                                           14-Day free trial

Showtime:                                       30-Day free trial

Shudder:                                          Horror  30 Day free trial

Starz:                                                 3 Months for $5 a month

Sundance Now:                             Indies  30-Day free trial

UMC:                                                 Urban Movies  30-Day free trial

WWE Network:                             Free

Please have some patience while watching your movies because there will be streaming spikes throughout the day.

Not all internet providers will increase the power to accommodate the huge spikes. In all probability, there will be some buffering.

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